in this guide, we explain how to make your domain registered on other Hosting Providers such as Aruba, Register, Godaddy or others point to Hoplix and how to obtain an SSL certificate for free.

In the example we will point your domain to your hoplix shop

As a first step on Hoplix in modifying your store to the EXTERNAL voice URL enter and under Force Https select Force Https.


Configure your domain on cloudflare

The next step is to manage your domain through the free Cloudflare service you must then create your free account here: then click on + Add Site and enter your domain name and Click on "Add Site ".> In the screen where you will be prompted" We're querying your DNS records "Click on" Next ", then choose Free Plan and Click on" Confirm Plan "

At this point Cloudflare will scan the DNS then click on "Continue" in the "Change your Nameservers" screen, take note of the 2 Name Servers which should be: and


Indicate the New Nameservers in your Hosting Provider

Enter the management panel of your domain and look for the icon for the management of dns / nameservers below are some examples:

Godaddy: In the list of domains click on DNS Management then at the bottom on Name Server click on "Change" then "Custom" and enter the 2 Nameservers indicated above.

Aruba: In domain management, click on DNS and Name Server Management, click on Use Other Name Servers and then enter the 2 new Name Servers, click on Continue before exiting.

Register: Once you have entered your account, click on the domain to be transferred and click on the Domain and Dns icon.


Correctly set the DNS records

On Cloudflare then "Click Next" and wait 24/48 hours to complete the passage of the nameservers from your provider to Cloudflare.

finally go to the DNS Menu and set DNS setting as indicated below:

CNAME is in alias

Page Rules

If you want to point the domain even without www ( on your Hoplix shop, go to the Pages Rules menu and click on Create Page Rules at this point set:


Then the settings are: Forwarding URL

Select Status Code: 301 Permanet Redirect

Enter Destination Url:

Perfect Now your domain relies on Hoplix and you also got an HTTPS certificate for free !!.