Before configuring shipping rates in your WooCommerce shop, we strongly recommend that you read their documentation on the subject.

1. WooCommerce - Getting Started - Shipping

2. WooCommerce - Configuring shipping zones

3. WooCommerce - Product shipping classes

You can also find our shipping rates here: What are Hoplix's shipping times and prices?

How to configure shipping rates

To configure your shipping rates in WooCommerce, go to the WooCommerce integration in your WordPress dashboard:

1. Go to WooCommerce

2. Click on Shipping

3. Add shipping zone

For shipping zones , you need to define exactly where you want to ship orders. Make sure the countries you are selecting are available in the Hoplix Shipping Calculator.

Shipping rate per order size

Flat rate shipping can be used to set a shipping rate by order size. You can find more information about this here: WooCommerce - Flat rate shipping