To enable server to server connections to your Wordpress you need to go to the Settings -> Server to Server menu.

As is known in the default conditions, WordPress establishes connections to a limited set of addresses. In order to prevent abuse of the service, to remove the whitelist it is necessary to complete the identification procedure via SMS.

Enter your mobile phone number and click on the Proceed button, then an alphanumeric code will be sent to you via SMS. You must enter the code received in the "Verification Code" field and press the Submit button.

The next page asks whether to enable:

  • External access limited to whitelisted domains. Thanks to which it is possible to establish connections to a limited series of addresses.
  • Unrestricted external link. Disable server to server lockout

Finally select the second option to disable restrictions on incoming and outgoing connections. Locking on ports 80 and 443 is disabled. Wait up to 30 minutes for the changes you make to take effect.

At this point, go to the Hoplix plugin page and complete the connection procedure