1. Find the Page ID of the page you want to link to the Store: Connect to the site https://lookup-id.com/,

  2. Once you have the Page ID, copy it and enter it in the dedicated field on Hoplix

  3. Go to the Settings of the Facebook page from the menu on the left select the item Messenger Platform

  4. Below you will find the item Domains added to the whitelist.

  5. Enter your Hoplix dedicated domain example: https://miostore.hoplix.shop (where * miostore must be the native link of the store that provides Hoplix); and also enter the custom domain if it is configured example: https://www.miostore.comNote: the domains inside the field must include the https protocol

  6. At this point, just click on the Save button in the Facebook settings, update the settings on Hoplix and the messenger icon will appear at the bottom right in your Store.